What is the SyncRx Program?

The SyncRx Program is designed to streamline and simplify medication management for patients by synchronizing all of their prescriptions to be filled once monthly, providing the ongoing service of refilling those prescriptions each month for your convince and guaranteeing the personalized attention deserved.


  • Orders are processed by live staff members, never a computer
  • Increased convince– routine medications delivered once a month
  • Reduced phone calls to the pharmacy– because we will already personally schedule refills
  • Peace of mind getting all of the patients routine medications the same time, on time and in one single order
  • Reassurance that we will work in advance to have refills on the patient’s medications
  • Medication Therapy Review (see below)

Medication Therapy Review checks the following:

  • Patient is taking diabetes medications adherently
  • Diabetes medications are within the recommended limits
  • Patient is taking hypertension medications adherently
  • Patient is taking cholesterol medications adherently
  • Prescribed any high-risk medications
  • Any drug to drug interactions

What is the process to change to the SyncRx Program?

  1. Pharmacy staff will come to your facility to copy MARs, insurance cards, patient face sheets and any other information needed.
  2. Pharmacy staff will take inventory of all medications at your facility.
  3. Pharmacy staff will have prescriptions transferred from current pharmacy and send requests to prescribers for new orders.
  4. Pharmacy staff will provide any facility staff training needed.
  5. Pharmacy staff will synchronize patients medications.
  6. Pharmacy staff will deliver medications, MARs, prescriptions copies.
  7. Relax, medication administration was just made simple!